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Daniel Kobialka

Violinist, Composer, Arranger and Producer Daniel Kobialka is Principal Second Violin for the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. He performed his first concert at the age of eight, made his solo debut at Carnegie Hall in 1963 to critical acclaim, and has subsequently performed as soloist with the orchestras of Boston, Atlanta, and Oakland.

He was chosen by Leonard Bernstein as concert master for Candide and the premiere of his Mass at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Over the past two decades, Daniel has released an extremely popular series featuring some of the most beautiful melodies in classical repertoire.

In lengthened arrangements performed as a violin choir, with additional instrumental parts, Kobialka envelops each work in a warm, spacious ambiance, informing each with a masterful command of his instrument.


BETWEEN the combination of many musical styles and colorations of various musical instruments, a musical style all unto its own was developed and nurtured with strict musical structural guidelines creating a unique and powerful sound vehicle that has found its way into many modalities of wellness and relaxation.

My vision was simply to create the most beautiful sounds possible in presenting the complex qualities of the violin as a resonating instrument. I further wanted to enhance and fully complement the unique beauty of the violin as a melodic instrument, by surrounding it with the richness of Western instruments and other exotic instruments from all world musical cultures.

STRANGLY enough, large populations of people in all areas of the medical and healing arts were using this music in their work, and eventually I was getting request to use the music in these various areas.

This eventually evolved into collaborations with these highly trained people to create different recorded voice tracks with the music such as: Yoga instruction, various guided meditations, all kinds of therapeutic work in hospitals, hospice, various research hospitals, accelerated learning areas, think tank environments for Corporate officials and self help programs.

THE music has been studied and researched by many professionals for its results in assisting many people with the improvement of pain management, sleep deprivation, nervous disorders, autism, accelerated learning, Stress seminar for CEO's of Corporation's, grief situation management, meditation, psychiatric therapy, Tinnitus assistance for stress management, dentistry relaxation, massage, reek, moving exercise rehabilitation, Music for films and documentaries, Surgical procedure rooms to relax patients, hospital wards, and hospice settings.

With the use of this music, various people in all walks of life as well as medical practitioners have found great benefit in the various ways that they have used this music to accomplish there goals in wellness, relaxation, and extended periods of endurance. MANY Practitioners in the Accelerated learning profession have been using this music in various ways to achieve many positive results in there work with children.

One of the most exciting things that I have seen since I started to create this specific musical style, with its traditional structure, modern tonal textures, atmospheric spaces emulating antiphonal environments, has been a new awareness. The miraculous result of this music and the many uses from around the world has been a very powerful source of sonic attention to accomplish the many wonderful faceted aspects that have been discover through its pleasurable listening experiences.

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