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World on a String"Pathless Journey "

Pathless Journey, the latest Album by Daniel Kobialka is dedicated in loving memory of Toru Takemitsu, a Sensei, a "Living Treasure" in the highest japanese tradition. ($15.95 - CD)

World on a String



"World on a String"

World on a String is deeply rooted within my feelings of humanity and the special relationships we share with each other in all our many paths through life, art, music, and culture. ($15.95 - CD)
Fragrances of a Dream



"Fragrances of a Dream"

Ambrosial relaxation music by Erik Satie plus a distinctive union of Bach's Air on a G String and Procol Harum's A Whiter Shade of Pale. This is the music of the Heart, a must have for all collectors. ($15.95 - CD)
Timeless Motion



"Timeless Motion"

Pachelbel Canon,the highlight of this New Age work features a unique arrangement of the famous Canon wherein subtle shifts of rhythm and gentle orchestral textures are magically transformed through modern electronic techniques. Timeless Motion, the title work is an original composition by Daniel which characterisically blends his classical training with New Age interpretation to produce a most unusual and enchanting work. Lullaby, another original composition by Daniel, of New Age work evokes the warm soft moods and memories of childhood when the gentle rhythms of a mother's sweet song lulled us to sleep. ($15.95 - CD)

Going Home Again



"Going Home Again"

Classics by Dvorak and Scarlatti bring the warmth of belonging and the contentment of being home. ($15.95 - CD)

Celtic Quilt



"Celtic Quilt"

Two millennia after the Celts first settled on the western fringe of Europe, their music makers continue to inspire us. Weaving through an ornate fabric of meditative and joyous sounds, Daniel's Celtic Quilt  rekindles the emotional magic of the Celtic triad. ($15.95 - CD)

Celtic Fantasy



"Celtic Fantasy"

Timeless folk melodies including Amazing Grace, Auld Lang Syne, Loch Lomand and the Greensleeves Fantasy. ($15.95 - CD)

Silk Branches



"Silk Branches"

A luscious collection of relaxation music including timeless melodies of Handel, Pachelbel, Borodin and originals by Daniel. ($15.95 - CD)

Velvet Dreams



"Velvet Dreams"

Seventy minutes of luxurious relaxation music including Kobialka's famed version of Pachelbel's Canon, plus timeless melodies by Vivaldi and J.S. Bach. ($15.95 - CD)


When You Wish Upon A Star



"When You Wish Upon A Star"

Enchanting versions of well-loved classic and folk melodies to soothe and relax children and the adults who love them.($15.95 - CD)




Smooth, sparkling arrangements of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Oh What A Beautiful Morning, Over the Hills, Gift of Dreams, Greensleeves, and Prelude and Fugue #1 from Bach's Well Tempered Clavier provide the perfect passage to rest and joyful dreams. The companion to his famed "When You Wish Upon A Star" release, Rainbows is destined to become a Kobialka classic. ($15.95 - CD)
Oh What A Beautiful Morning



"Oh What A Beautiful Morning"

Often, when days are full of activities and pressures mount, we find it difficult to refrain from worry and stress. Tensions build upon one another. At times we may find we have forgotten how to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of a lovely morning or an uneventful day. At moments like these, it is important to return to basics, to rehabilitate the value of a tender moment. Oh! What A Beautiful Morning is a collection of enchanting lullabies and familiar themes which inspire a fantasy mood, free of tension and haste. The humble themes contained within the music are graced with simplicity, making it easily accessible to every listener. Subtle grace and grandeur pervade the melodies and inspire the imagination with the freedom to soar. Experience the enchantment of a child opening a music box. These tender melodies offer refreshment and renewal to listeners of all ages. ($15.95 - CD)

Common Cord



"Common Chord"

Featuring: David Grisman & Daniel Kobialka

With performances by: Norton Buffalo, Enrique Coria, Jerry Garcia, Monroe Grisman, Rob Ickes, Jim Kerwin, Scott Nygaard, Tony Trischka & more!

Here is an ensemble of the finest classical, bluegrass, rock and jazz players that could possibly be assembled at one time, all paying homage to the traditional music of America. ($15.95 - CD)
The gift of Love



"The Gift of Love"

Featuring: Jan Kobialka & Gayla MacCallum

A musical celebration of favorite melodies and hymns.

The lush sound of the cello and the majestic splendor of the pipe organ celebrate the beauty of favorite melodies and timeless hymns. Play this CD as you read the recommended passages and feel the peace that will touch and renew your soul. Included on this new release are such beloved hymns as Amazi ng Grace, Be thou My Vision, and This is My Father's World. You will also sense the many emotions and moods that are portrayed in the very moving interpretation of the Adagio by Albinoni. Allow yourself the opportunity to be embrassed by a feeling of tranquility that comes with the experience of listening to this CD. ($15.95 - CD)
Silver Linings



"Silver Linings"

Sylvia McNair & Daniel Kobialka

This album conveys the deepest musical resonances, as voice and violin weave an enchanting tapestry such as only they can. In each piece, from the great classics to the contemporary songs by artists like The Beatles, Sylvia and Daniel share their personal expressions. ($15.95 - CD)

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